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Dr. Karin Jongsma

Research interests

  • Bioethics, Research Ethics
  • Representation, autonomy and advance directives
  • Dementia and Autism
  • Socio-empirical research and participation in bio policy

Biographical note

Karin Jongsma works as a Postdoctoral Fellow at the Department since October 2015. She is currently a research fellow in the OPARA Project and the PI of a project concerning the use of Advance Directives of Dementia Patients in Germany. Karin combines her work at the institute with an assistant professorship at the University Medical Center Utrecht (The Netherlands).

Karin wrote her PhD the Department of Medical Ethics and Philosophy of Medicine of the Erasmus University Medical Center, Rotterdam, The Netherlands. Her Doctoral Thesis concerned the topic of Advance Directives in Dementia Research (Prof.Dr. ID de Beaufort, Prof.dr S. van de Vathorst). On February 9th 2016 she has succesfully defended her dissertation.

Karin studied Health Sciences and Management, Policy Analysis and Entrepreneurship in health and life sciences at the Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam, part of this study she conducted in Innsbruck, Austria.

You can find the full CV here (PDF)

Publications (selected)

Full List of Publication (PDF)

Jongsma KR. (2016). Advance Directives in Dementia Research - A medical ethical inquiry. ISBN: 978-94-6050-022-0

Jongsma KR. (2016). Patientenverfügungen für die Demenzforschung aus ethischer Perspektive betrachtet. Deutsches Ärzteblat BW, 12, 608-611

Sand M and Jongsma KR. (2016). Towards an Ageless Society. In: Dominguez-Rue and Nierling:Ageing and Technology: Perspectives of the Social Sciences. Transcript (Aging Studies, 9), pp. 291-310.

Jongsma KR, Sprangers M and van de Vathorst S. The implausibility of response shifts in dementia patients. Online First June 2nd 2016, doi:10.1136/medethics-2015-102889

Jongsma KR and van de Vathorst S. (2015). Advance directives in dementia research: The opinions and arguments of clinical researchers? an empirical study. Research Ethics;11(1):4- 14.

Jongsma KR, Bos W and van de Vathorst S. (2015). Morally relevant similarities and differences between children and dementia patients as research subjects - Representation in legal documents and ethical guidelines. Bioethics, 29, 9,  662–670.

Jongsma KR and van de Vathorst S. (2015). Beyond Competence: Advance Directives in Dementia Research. Monash Bioethics, 33(2), 167-18.