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Shared decision-making in the context of personalized medicine and patient-centered care – December 05-06, 2016

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Ethical issues, new methods, and dimensions in the field of oncology

Winter workshop conducted by the Department of Medical Ethics and History of Medicine (UMG), Göttingen; Monday, December 05, 2016, 13.15 – Tuesday, December 06, 2016, 16.30 at the Historical Building of the Göttingen State and University Library (lecture hall, 1st floor, Papendiek 14, 37073 Göttingen).

Medical decision-making is an established field in which shared decision-making (SDM) is a central paradigm. While the medical, empirical, and philosophical literature varies considerably in its understanding and concrete implementation of shared decision-making, the general idea of shared or participatory decision-making is attractive to many medical professionals and patients. The practice is built on the doctrine of patient autonomy while acknowledging the valuable contribution medical professionals can make based on their expertise.
In the context of oncology, personalized medicine (spanning from biomarkers to psycho-social care) and patient-centered care are currently being discussed. In the near future, studies increasingly will be collecting molecular data such as biomarkers or other predictive values which pose new challenges to patients’ informed consent as well as to physicians’ expertise in view of reaching a joint decision in clinical contexts. Furthermore, implications concerning measures of prevention and public health may also become increasingly relevant and as a consequence, broaden professionals’ scope of work (including specialists as well as general practitioners).

Aim of the workshop:

The workshop will focus on various dimensions of ethical and clinical counselling in the context of oncological research, prevention, treatment, cure, and care. Therefore, we will discuss ethically conceptual reflections on new approaches in SDM as well as the empirical perspectives of patients, physicians, nurses etc. We also will take perspectives on the political participatory level into account. Thus, the overriding focus within the workshop lies on the question: Which new concepts of SDM are ethically suitable for personalized medicine and person-centered care in the field of oncology?

The speakers include Margarete Boos (Göttingen, Germany), Tove Godskesen (Uppsala, Sweden), Nicky Honnef (Amsterdam, the Netherlands), Karin Jongsma (Göttingen, Germany), Ulrik Kihlbom (Uppsala, Sweden), Suzanne Metselaar (Amsterdam, the Netherlands), Lars Sandman (Borås, Sweden), Guy Widdershoven (Amsterdam, the Netherlands), and Sabine Wöhlke (Göttingen, Germany).

On Tuesday, December 06, 2016 at 10.30-11 there will be a poster session for which we look forward to your contribution.

The registration fee for the workshop is 40 € (reduced fee for students 20 €).

Please register by November 16, 2016 by contacting Julia Perry: Julia.Perry(at)


Silke Schicktanz (Dept. of Medical Ethics and History of Medicine (UMG), Göttingen)

Sabine Wöhlke (Dept. of Medical Ethics and History of Medicine (UMG), Göttingen)


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