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International Conference: Third-party Assisted Reproduction: Challenges – Approaches – Family Realities

Kategorie: Veranstaltungen

Göttingen, November 3-4, 2017

This international conference focuses on third-party assisted reproduction as a means of familybuilding. Sperm donation is allowed and embryo donation is practiced in Germany, whereas egg donation and surrogacy are prohibited. However, since German citizens increasingly circumvent prohibitions by using third-party assisted practices abroad, the consequences inevitably affect the domestic context, too. Given that even established practices of third-party assisted reproduction, such as sperm donation, are, to some extent, still controversial when used, for example, by single women, the conference
aims to highlight the respective challenges of different types of gamete donation as well as surrogacy. To this end, we will bring together different perspectives from medicine, ethics, law, psycho-social counselling and, specifically, families that owe their existence to a third party’s reproductive
contribution. Drawing also upon international comparative perspectives, we will discuss appropriate solutions from a German as well as European point of view.


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