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Workshop: Engaging the Skeptics?!

Epistemic (In)justice, Public Participation, and Moral Expertise in Health Discourses

This international workshop wants to explore multiple relations between epistemic (in)justice, public participation and criticism in the field of medicine and public health. Moral and sociopolitical rejection of medicine and biotechnology is often evoked by concepts of the body, critique in response to power asymmetries, and distrust in the responsible actors. Discourses at the intersection of academia and public institutions tend to render these aspects as ‘irrational’ or ‘personal’ attitudes, countering them with facts and statistics. Involving the public is a current strategy to convey respective information. Whether this involvement leads to participation and deliberation, however, is as controversial as the question of how to deal with moral dissent. 

Concepts of the body, multiple uncertainties, and ‘gut feelings’ of skeptics might cause conceptual gaps within individual self-understanding and foster the tendency to underestimate the reliability of one’s personal judgments. It is precisely these conceptual gaps that often give rise to the exclusion of skeptics. Moreover, the exclusion risks fostering bad epistemic conduct or even epistemic injustice within the academic discourse. Starting from these debates, the workshop examines conceptual and methodological relations between epistemic injustice, critique, and moral discourses.


Dr. Solveig Lena Hansen

Prof. Dr. Silke Schicktanz

University Medical Centre Göttingen

Department of Medical Ethics and 

the History of Medicine



Tel.: (+49) 551-399316

Registration until February 25


Department of Medical Ethics and 

the History of Medicine

Humboldtallee 36, 37073 Göttingen


Burgstraße 46, 37073 Göttingen


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