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Responsibility and Trust

Schwedischer Reichsbank Fond: Mind the risk. Ethical, psychological and social implications of provision of risk information from genetic and related technologies 

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A scientific, ethical and comparative legal analysis of clinical implementation of human induced pluripotent stem cells in Germany and Austria (ClinhiPS) – SP2: Ethical Analysis, BMBF, in cooperation with: J. Taupitz (IMGB), G.R. Fuhr/H. Zimmermann (IMBT), C. Kopetzki (University of Vienna, Vienna).

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Research group "Autonomy and Trust in Modern Medicine. Knowledge - Practice - Norm", within the funding initiative "Key issues in the humanities" of the Volkswagen Foundation

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"Evaluation of Legislation and Related Guidelines on the Procurement, Storage and Transfer of Human Tissues and Cells in the European Union — an Evidence-Based Impact Analysis (TissEU)", Health Call, 7. Rahmenprogramm der EU (Projektkoordination), zus. mit C. Lenk und Nils Hoppe

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