Introduction to Bioethics. Mandatory module in the BA course Molecular Medicine B.MM. 306


Contact Person: Zümrüt Alpinar Sencan, Ph. D.


  • Molecular Medicine BA students should register on Stud.IP online (self-registration)
  • Medical doctoral students should register by sending an e-mail until 6th of October.


First Seminar Date: October 13, 2021


Due to the corona pandemic, the seminar course will be held online for WiSe 2021/22.  The exact procedure will be explained in the first session. A detailed schedule will be posted on Stud.IP as well.

Brief Information:

This course addresses the main ethical positions, arguments and moral issues that arise in the practice of medicine and biomedical science. The aim of the course is to engage students in critically reflecting on contemporary controversial bioethical issues and to provide a first comprehensive insight to Bioethics. It also aims to show that the disagreements in bioethics can be revisited and resolved in more than one reasonable way.


  • To achieve familiarity with basic ethical frameworks and approaches and to understand how they can be applied to controversial issues in biomedical ethics.
  • To ensure that participants are acquainted with the contemporary debates.
  • To develop critical thinking skills by evaluating opposing views on an issue and analyzing the arguments.
  • To encourage participants to express their own views clearly and engage with the views of other participants.