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Bogdan Olaru, PhD

Research Fellow

Duration of stay: 10/2007-12/2007

DAAD Research Fellow

Jassy Institute for Economic and Social Research
T. Codrescu 2
700481 Jassy


Bogdan Olaru read philosophy at Al.I. Cuza University of Jassy, Romania, and Humboldt University of Berlin. In 2002, he got his PhD with a thesis about the phenomenological foundation of science in Edmund Husserl's philosophy. 

His dissertation was published 2004 and was awarded the Romanian Academy prize. In 2007, Humanitas Publishing House issued the first volume of the Romanian edition of Logical Investigations, in Bogdan Olaru's translation. 

He worked for nine years as a researcher at the Jassy Institute for Economic and Social Research. He has conducted research in Germany, at Konstanz University, the Hanover Institute of Philosophy, and the Department of Medical Ethics and History of Medicine (Göttingen). 

He has edited the anthology Autonomy, Responsibility, and Health Care. Critical Reflections (Bucharest, 2008).
He has joined the Romanian Kant Society and the Romanian Society for Phenomenology. 

Main Research topics 

Phenomenology, Moral Philosophy, Assisted reproductive Technologies, Stem cell Research 

Current Research Projects

Equity, Solidarity, Responsibility: The Demands of Moral Reconstruction in the Post-Adhesion Romanian Society 

Project type: Exploratory Research Grant (PN-II, Idei)
Period: 2009-2011
Funded by: CNCSIS
Amount: RON 620,000 (aprox. EURO 160,000)
Research institution: Jassy Institute for Economic and Social Research
Research Team: Bogdan Olaru (project manager), Eugen Huzum, Ana Gugiuman, Ion Copoeru, Loredana Huzum, Viorel Tutui 


The general aim of the research project is to investigate three main values and the conditions of their fulfillment: equity, responsibility, solidarity. These values are the basic moral demands for everyday life interactions and for the institutions working in a fair society. 

The institutions of the Romanian society are now pursuing a moral reconstruction. Our primary thesis is that equity, responsibility, and solidarity are the preconditions to reach this objective. We will analyze the significance of these values especially in three main fields usually acknowledged as crucial in the present reform process: justice, education, and health care. The research team hopes to contribute this way to the dialogue between philosophy and society. 

Past research projetcs


  • 2006-2008: Biopolitics: Directions, Principles, and Techniques in the Analysis of the Impact of Biotechnology on Human Life
  • 2006: Autonomy and Responsibility: How Do We Determine the Limits of Self-determination?
  • 2004-2005: The Technologization of Our Life: An Analysis of the Forms of Acceptance of New Technologies, with a Special Emphasis on Biotechnologies
  • 2002-2003: Criteria, Models, and Theories of Rationality in Science

Selected Publications 

Olaru, B (forthcoming): Die Stammzelldebatte in Rumaenien. Beitrag zum Sammelband Stammzellforschung in Europa. In: Jan C. Joerden (ed.): Studien zur Ethik in Ostmitteleuropa. Frankfurt. (German)
Olaru, B (2008) (ed.): Autonomy, Responsibility, and Health Care: Critical Reflections. Bucharest. (English and German).
Olaru, B (2008) (ed.): Current Ethical Controversies in Biotechnology: Individual Autonomy and Social Responsibility. Jassy. (Romanian)
Olaru, B (2007): Bioethical Postmoralism? Toward a Minimal Ethics of the Right Choice and Compromise through Dialog. Romanian Journal of Bioethics, 5(2): 6-<12 (Part I), 5(3): 5-16 (Part II), 5(4): 6-15 (Part III). (Romanian)
Olaru, B (2006): Gentechnik als symbolischer Raum. Eine Untersuchung der oeffentlichen Wahrnehmung. FIPH-Journal 7: 17-18. (German)