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Irma Manjavidze, MD PhD

Research Fellow

Duration of stay: 11/2008-12/2008

DAAD Research Fellow

President of Association Rights to Health
31v Gamsakhurdia Ave, Fl.8
0160, Tbilisi, Georgia 


M.D. in Paediatrics (1981), PhD. in Sciences (1990). Dr. Manjavidze is Assistant-Professor of the Department of Paediatrics and Adolescence Medicine Tbilisi State Medical University-Georgia (since 1992); researcher-officer of UNESCO chair Healthy leaving (since 2000); Consultant and Coordinator of School Health Policy Development in Health Promotion Centre for Adolescents, Students and Educational System Professionals (since 2002). On April 9th 2005, these Centre confirmed status of ICC Affiliated Centre in Ankara. Dr. Manjavidze has been representative of ICC Affiliated Centres in Georgia; she is member of Advisory Group for the Child Rights Education for Health Professionals in the South East Europe and Commonwealth of Independent States (SEE/CIS) region; member of national delegates from Georgia to the Union European Medical specialists (UEMS) Section/Panels. Member of European Committee on legal Co-operation (CDCJ), and of European forum for Good Clinical Practice(EFGCP). 

Dr. Manjavidze actively involve in Georgian Alliance for Patient Safety (GAPS) and coalition Human Rights in Healthcare (HRH). 

Dr. Manjavidze was also senior expert of Patient’s Rights Centre 2006-2008 at the framework of UNDP project Capacity building of Public Defender office of Georgia. She conducted research Protection of Human rights in Medical Care, general objectives was evaluation the level of the public awareness in the field of the protection and promotion parent’s rights. 


Main Research topics 


  • Protection of the Rights of Juvenile Patients (children and adolescents) and bioethical approach in connection with the delivery of primary and secondary medical assistance
  • Children’s participation in medical research
  • Children’s rights and bioethical approach to mandatory vaccination
  • Protection of the rights of disabled children and adolescence and assurance of their social safeguards
  • Genetic testing and genetic counseling in pediatrics clinics 
  • Improving role of Ethics Comity in pediatrics clinics

Selected Publications 

Manjavidze, I (2007) (ed.): Protection of Human Rights in Medical Care. Identifications of Public Awareness on the Portection of Patient Rights. Tbilisi. 

Manjavidze, I (2009): Assessment of physicians awareness of patient's rights in Georgia. Georgian Med News 168: 89-91.