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Noeli Bueno Gómez, PhD

Guest researcher
Duration of stay: 12/2013-03/2014


Noelia Bueno Gómez (A Fonsagrada, Lugo, 1984) received her MA and her PhD in Philosophy from the University of Oviedo (Spain) with a thesis entitled "Individual Identity in the Thought of Hannah Arendt: from Political Action to Biographical Storytelling". She has developed a multi-disciplinary career, combining her studies and research in the field of theoretical and practical philosophy with one Masters in Social Studies of Science and Technology (University of Salamanca and University of Oviedo) and one Masters in Social Problems (UNED), which is currently doing. After pre-doctoral research stays at the Goethe University of Frankfurt and the Catholic University of Lovain la Neuve (Belgium), she has worked in a post-doctoral research project at the Institute of Ethnology (Slovak Academy of Sciences). She works currently with a DAAD scholarship on a reconsideration of the "hiding death" thesis, and its implications for care and attention of dying people. 

Main Research Topics

The changes in the conception of self, and personal identity; the new demands imposed on individuals and groups by the conditions of modern societies, and their answers to them are the backbone of her works and interests. In her postdoctoral stage, she has focused in the contemporary experience of death. Topics: Political Action, Storytelling and Identity, Autonomy and Care, Aging and Death in Current Society, Role of History and Memory in Articulating the Past. 

Recent Research Projects 2013-2014: "Hiding Death in Contemporary Times: Bioethical Issues at the Intersection between Narrative Identity and the Existential Meaning of Death". Department of Medical Ethics and History of Medicine (University of Göttingen). 2013: "Facing Death in Contemporary Societies". Institute of Ethnology (Slovak Academy of Sciences)2011-2012: “The Politics of Scientific Culture: an analysis of the political and social dimensions of scientific culture” (University of Oviedo)Selected publicationsBueno, N (2013): La muerte en la ciudad: una reflexión filosófica sobre el modo actual de morir. Eikasía. Revista de Filosofía 52: 85-98. Bueno, N (2012): La estructura ontológica del pensamiento de Hannah Arendt. Eikasía. Revista de Filosofía 48: 79-94.Bueno, N (2011): La identidad personal y la crisis del trabajo, in Menéndez, A; Gil, F. J (ed.): La somnolencia de la razón, Madrid, Biblioteca Nueva, 125-138. Bueno, N; Herrera, A (2011): Autonomy in Current Bioethics: Theoretical Foundation and Practical Analysis of the Existing Situation in Spain, in Díaz García, I; Muñoz van den Eyden, A (ed.): Participación y cultura científica en contexto internacional, Madrid, Los libros de la Catarata, 251-274.Bueno, N (2010): Future and Anxiety. Daimon: Revista de Filosofía Extra 3: 225-230.Bueno, N (2010): The Subjective Components of Hannah Arendt’s Ethics. Arbor 186 (742): 277-286. Bueno, N (2009): Political Action in Current Spanish Democracy. Res Publica. Revista de filosofía política Supplement 1: 245-252.