Prof. Dr. Alex Müller

Alex Müller is Alexander-von-Humboldt Research Fellow at the Institut für Ethik und Geschichte der Medizin from July 2020 to December 2021.

From 2015 to 2020, she worked as Senior Researcher and Associate Professor at the Gender Health and Justice Research Unit, University of Cape Town, South Africa. Her work focuses on the health consequences of heteronormative health and socio-legal systems in Southern Africa and emphasizes the agency and self-representation of queer people living in the region.

She works in collaboration with non-governmental organisations and international agencies to conduct and publicize community-led, participatory research that supports evidence-based advocacy to challenge heteronormative laws, policies and socio-political contexts that harm queers. 

Her research has informed law and policy related to sexual orientation, gender identity and health in Southern Africa. For example, in the case of LM vs. Attorney General in the High Court of Botswana, she submitted expert evidence on the impact of colonial-era laws that criminalize same-sex sexuality, which supported the court’s judgment to decriminalize same-sex sexuality in 2019.

With the collaborative project Qintu Collab, she published the anthology ‘Meanwhile… Graphic Short Stories about everyday Queer Life in Southern and Eastern Africa’

  • Sexual orientation, gender identity, health and rights in Southern and East Africa
  • Intersections between sexuality, gender, health and law 
  • Community-led and community-based participatory research
  • Challenging heteronormativity in health sciences education and professional development training

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